Wisdom for the Week [Proverb 23:23]

About Me


I noticed that I have been somewhat rude. I have not introduced myself to you all yet. You can call me ‘D’. I consult as an environmental scientist and design websites. I hold two BSc. qualifications and have been involved in apologetics for over ten years. Before I was a christian, I believed in Neo-Darwinian evolution. How do I know Mike? We both attend the same church and have a passion for answering people’s questions.


Wisdom for the Week

The Book of Proverbs was written mostly by Solomon (King David’s son) in the tenth century BC. It is a collection of principles to help its readers live wisely. The word ‘wisdom’ means skillful, making; the point of practicing wisdom is to live skillfully.

Once a week, I want to share the nugget of wisdom I learnt. I read one of the Proverb a day, and study the meaning of one verse. Next week I will give the details on how you can follow along with me.


Proverb 23:23

Buy the truth, and sell it not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.


Key Words


To attain or purchase. To get hold of something of value – to go, look for, and then acquire something.


For something to be true is must be trustworthy, and you must be sure of that. Truth is anything that has proven its trustworthiness – being true in its content, and/or it has a trustworthy source.


The characteristic of wise people is the ability to live skillfully. The wise have the good sense to live their lives by walking on sure footing.


To know content – not merely in the factual sense. But to know the meaning of the content studied, so that you might apply it properly.


What Does it Mean?

To buy something is to incur a cost. Truth, wisdom, and true knowledge are items of great value. To buy [them] suggests that we are to exert whatever effort needed to find truth, get hold of wisdom; and store up knowledge. Therefore, it is not logical to sell it or toss it away, and forget about it.


In Practice

To not look for wisdom is foolish – fools lack understanding. To not listen to people’s advise and warnings (i.e. instruction) is to flirt with disaster. To half-heartedly look for truth risks to great a price. Make pursuing truth, understanding knowledge, listening to instruction, and practicing wisdom a high priority in life.


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