Wisdom for the week – Wisdom gives her life guide [Proverb 8:12]

Sorry for the very late post. I have just started a new job as a teacher. Teaching is not an easy task – I know this now. But, I enjoy the challenge and love learning new things. These past few weeks has taught me a great lesson in procrastination – that it is not a viable system (stay tuned for a tidbit of wisdom on procrastination).

Wisdom gives her life guide

Ever read one of those self help or “idiot’s guide to…” books? Some of them are helpful, and a lot of them aren’t helpful at all. What makes a self help guide useful or not so useful? Relevance and experience separates the wheat from the chaff. This was my experience when first learning to cook as a hungry single wanting a change from fast food. It was not until I got my hands on a cook book written by a renowned chef (who wrote it from experience in a relevant way), that I began to enjoy cooking.

What is sorely needed is a self help – no, a help yourself – book on living life properly. Well, wisdom has once again published her life guide on living…

Proverb 8:12

I, wisdom, dwell with prudence,

and I find knowledge and discretion.

Key Words


A house is more than just four walls, it is the home you live in. The reason why we always come home is because there is more than just furniture in our home – our heart is there too. To “dwell” means to live in and remain in; much like families living in homes.


Discoveries are made only by searching for them. To find something you must look for it first, and then keep it like a treasure.


Having a good head on your shoulders is never a disadvantage. To have a good head one must be sensible. Prudence is the practice of good sense – be cautious in making decisions.


Being knowledgeable is more than knowing a bunch of facts and numbers. It really involves an awareness of things and the cunning application of what you know.


Every captain must learn to safely navigate through open waters; else he risks loosing his life and the lives of those whom he is responsible for. Life needs constant navigation – else you will end up wrecked on the rocks. Discretion involves the process of thinking, behaving, and/or speaking  in such a manner that aids wise decision-making.

What Does it Mean?

Here wisdom is again personified as a concerned woman. Again, Wisdom calls and cries out for her loved ones to listen to her. Her loved ones are those who are willing to listen to what she has to say. In this verse (Proverb 8:12), Wisdom gives the reason why we should listen to her -she is surrounded by sensibility, and is the source where knowledge and discretion may be found.

In Practice

God calls for us to come to Him and acquire His wisdom. He is the ultimate source of wisdom. We need only turn to God to discern how we ought to live our lives. He gives advice regarding what is good for us, and what we should avoid. God’s knowledge and wisdom for us is not a moving target; it is an open book – found in His book: The Bible.


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