In the dust of the Rabbi- Day 5

Title: The annunciation of the birth of Jesus to Mary

Scriptures to Read: Luke 1:26-45


Miriam and Yeshua

Mary’s name was really Miriam, in Greek. It became Mary when the Latin translation was made from the original Greek of the New Testament. Likewise, Jesus is the English form of His name. His real Greek name is Yeshua. So when you get to heaven and call Him Jesus and He doesn’t look around, call Him Yeshua and I guarantee He will respond. That is the name He was familiar with.

Gabriel’s message to Mary

Gabriel’s message had 5 elements:
1. The incarnation will be a man.
2. The man’s name is to be Yeshua, from the Hebrew root “to save.”
3. He will be great.
4. He will be the Son of God.
5. He will be the one to fulfil the Davidic Covenant- When God made His covenant with David He promised four eternal things: An eternal house; An eternal throne; An eternal kingdom; An eternal descendant.

Mary responds with belief to the message

Mary’s response is not one of doubt as was the case with Zechariah. Her question as to how this could come about did not arise from doubt but rather from human wonder as to how it could occur. Her question in Luke 1:34 is answered by Gabriel in that the power of the Most High will overshadow her, and the Holy Spirit shall come upon her.

The consequences of being found pregnant out of wedlock

When Mary said, “Behold I am the servant of the Lord” she was putting herself into God’s hands for safekeeping. This was a real act of faith. The consequences of being found pregnant before being wed were:
1. Being stoned to death.
2. Being rejected by her betrothed.
3. Being ostracized and cast out of the community.

Mary visits Elizabeth and baby leaps for joy

Because of the angel Gabriel’s message, Mary now knows that her cousin Elizabeth is pregnant so she goes to visit her. Elizabeth’s baby leaps in her womb for joy, already doing the job of fore runner as his Lord comes near. Elizabeth gives prophetic utterance, and gives honour to the younger woman.


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