In the dust of the Rabbi- Day 8

Title: The Annunciation of the Birth of Jesus to Joseph

Scriptures to Read: Matthew 1:18-25


The virgin birth is the fulfillment of prophecy

Notice that Matthew tells the story from Joseph’s perspective. The virgin birth is pointed out three times in this passage (Vv19, 21, and 23). The theme of the passage is the virgin birth. Read Isaiah 7:14, and note that the angel confirms that this is indeed a messianic prophecy of the virgin birth.

The message of the angel to Joseph

• Joseph is told to fulfill his marriage vow to Mary.
• He is told to believe Mary’s story- She has not been unfaithful.
• Joseph is told that all is in accordance with God’s plan in Isaiah 7:14- Joseph is told that the child will be called “Immanuel,” which is Hebrew for “God with us.”

Mary was a virgin until after Jesus’ birth and had more children afterwards

In Matthew 1:25 we are told that Mary was a virgin until after Jesus’ birth, and biblical accounts tell us that there were six or more siblings later. Later four sons would be born: James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas, along with at least two daughters (see Matthew 13:55-56). James and Judas came to faith after the resurrection, and authored the books of James and Jude.

Betrothal was the first step in the marriage process

In Jewish marriage traditions of the time, betrothal was the first step in the legal process of marriage. This was a legally binding agreement. At the wedding feast the marriage would be finalized.


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