In the dust of the Rabbi- Day 10

Title: The circumcision of Jesus

Scriptures to Read: Luke 2:21


Circumcision under the Abrahamic covenant

Under the Abrahamic Covenant, circumcision was a sign of being Jewish. In the Abrahamic Covenant it is mandatory for Jews only and for permanent residences within the Jewish household.

Circumcision under the Mosaic covenant

Under the Mosaic Covenant, it was the means to show submission to God’s laws. In the Mosaic Covenant it was mandatory for all Jews and those Gentiles who wished to become part of the Commonwealth of Israel to be circumcised.

The end of the Mosaic Law and the continuation of the Abrahamic covenant

In Galatians Paul warns the new Gentile believers not to place themselves under the Law. Circumcision meant the keeping of the whole Law, not just the parts of the Law you want to keep. When Yeshua died and arose from the dead, He put an end to the Mosaic Law system. So circumcision under the Law is no longer valued. No longer do Jews and Gentiles have to be circumcised under the Law. The Law has been done away with. However, the Abrahamic Covenant is an eternal covenant. Under this covenant, circumcision is still mandatory for Jews, both believers and unbelievers. Jewish believers are still obligated today to circumcise their sons. This is why Jesus was circumcised on the eight day.

The examples of Timothy and Titus

Why did Paul circumcise Timothy and not Titus? (Acts 16:3; Galatians 2:1-3). Timothy had a Jewish mother and a Greek father. So to confirm his Jewishness, he was circumcised to remove all questions. However, Titus was used by Paul at the Jerusalem Council to illustrate God’s salvation to the Gentiles, and Paul records in Galatians 2:3 that the Council did not ask Titus to be circumcised. In fact, they said the Gentiles did not have to be circumcised. So, simply speaking, Titus had no Jewish origin but Timothy did which placed him under the Abrahamic Covenant.


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