In the dust of the Rabbi- Day 31

Title: Yeshua and the Samaritan woman

Scriptures to Read: Read John 5:5-42


5 stages of this conversation

Yeshua encounters a Samaritan woman. There are 5 basic stages of this conversation:
1. In verses 10-14 he reveals to her a new kind of life
2. In verses 15-19 he reveals to her something about herself – why she needs this new kind of life.
3. In verses 20-23 he spells out what constitutes true worship
4. In verse 24 he reveals who the Father is.
5. In verses 25-26 he reveals himself to be the Messiah.

The Samaritan woman believes

At the end of the encounter the woman believes, and it is interesting to notice the growing of her faith.
1. She first of all calls him a Jew in verse 9, and that is not a compliment coming from her.
2. She then becomes more respectful and calls him “sir”, as in verse 11 & verse 15.
3. She then calls him a prophet. This is significant because in Samaritan theology the only prophet that would come would be the Messiah.
4. Fourthly, she recognises him to be that Messiah.

The sowing and reaping principle

In verse 27 the disciples returned and they are shocked that He would be talking to a Samaritan woman. And while she runs into town to tell people, He has a discussion with His disciples and He points out that while the physical field is yet four months before it is ready for harvest, the spiritual harvest is ready even that same day. He points out a principle of evangelism. Some sow, and others reaps. Sometimes we sow the seed, and someone else does the reaping. Sometimes someone else does the sowing and we do the reaping. And He points out to them that while they are reaping someone else has sown before them, like John the Baptist. And both those who sow and those who reap will receive wages. They will receive their rewards. And so it is not only those who succeed in reaping people who will be rewarded, other people who first witnessed to them will also be rewarded.

Example of evangelism: The woman’s testimony

In verse 39 the woman sows the seed after telling her story, and she even reaps those who believe. In verse 40, as a result of the woman’s story, the Samaritans came to Jesus and ask Him to stay with them. Then in verse 41: “Many more believed because of His word”. Notice, she does the sowing and Jesus does the reaping. The woman sows, and Jesus reaps. That’s the principle of evangelism. It is a very successful tour of Samaria at this stage. There will be a downward side later on.


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