In the dust of the Rabbi- Day 32

Title: The Messiah’s authority to preach

Scriptures to Read: Read John 4:43-45; Mark 1:14-15; Matthew 4:17; Luke 4:14-15


Jesus acceptance in Galilee (John 4:43-45)

Those who accept him in Galilee, we notice, are those who had been to Jerusalem for the Passover and saw his miracles. When they came back many of them believed on him because of the signs they saw him do in Jerusalem a little bit earlier. And so these sections focus on the acceptance of his person.

Jesus first preaching tour

Here we have his first preaching tour. He goes from city to city and synagogue to synagogue. As we read these sections we will see Him performing three roles: rabbi, teacher, and prophet.

Jesus message is kingdom focused

He presents a basic twofold message.
a. First of all soteriological (Mark 1:15b)repent and believe in the gospel. Notice the word “gospel” here. Here is a good example that the word gospel doesn’t always mean the same thing. The basic meaning is always the same. It means good news. But the content of the good news is not always the same. Now what is the gospel being proclaimed? The gospel is that Jesus is the messianic King. They are not proclaiming anything at this point about his death and resurrection. They are not conscious of that taking place as yet. In fact, when he finally tells them about it later, even then they would not understand and they would react against it. The gospel we have to believe to be saved today is three points. Firstly: He died for our sins. Secondly: He was buried, the evidence of his death. Thirdly: He rose again the third day. That is the content of the gospel we have to believe to be saved. That is not the gospel they are presenting here.
b. The second aspect of his message is eschatological (Matthew 4:17)– He is presenting the kingdom program. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Note “is at hand” is “eggizo (eng-id-zo)” which means come near, draw near, or approach. He is not saying the kingdom has arrived. He is saying that it is near.

Jesus ministry was done in the power of the Spirit

Then Luke tells us three things about the nature of his ministry.
1. In Luke verse 14, it was Spirit controlled. He went in the power of the Spirit.
2. His reputation begins to spread. Fame went out concerning him through all the regions round about.
3. The main place of his proclamation is synagogues. He went from synagogue to synagogue proclaiming his messianic claims.


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