In the dust of the Rabbi- Day 58

Title: The reception by a sinner

Scriptures to Read: Luke 7:36-8:1-3


A Pharisee invites Jesus for dinner

Now a Pharisee invites Jesus over for dinner. While in this man’s house a sinner (again a euphemism for prostitute) comes in, and she begins to shed tears on his feet and wiping them with her hair. And the Pharisee says to himself in verse 39: “If this man were a prophet (not even the Messiah, but just a prophet) He would know who and what sort of person this woman is and he would not allow her to touch him.”

The parable of the moneylender and his two debtors

That is why Jesus gives him a parable to show why the woman was so lavish in her love – because those who are forgiven little love little, but those who are forgiven much more. He reminds the Pharisee that He was invited into his home, and the Pharisee failed to give him even the minimum requirements of hospitality in that day.
1. He failed to give Him water to wash his feet, but this woman has been washing His feet with her tears.
2. He gave Him no kiss, but she kisses His feet.
3. He did not anoint His head with oil, but she anointed His feet with perfume.
So He tells this woman in verse 38: “Your sins have been forgiven”. Again He is claiming to have the authority to forgive sin in a salvation sense. And again this results in a negative attitude on the part of the Pharisees in verse 49. “They began to say to themselves, “Who is this man who even forgives sins?” And he says to the woman: “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” The things she was doing were the outworking of her faith.

Jesus goes on His third preaching tour

Notice that it is Luke alone who provides some of these details about the role of women in his ministry and life, because Luke has the concern for Jerusalem, Gentiles, and women. Here we have the third preaching tour around the country – the last one before Israel’s rejection. Again Jesus goes about from city to city, from synagogue to synagogue, and offering to Israel the establishment of the kingdom, but the prerequisite is to accept him as the Jewish Messiah. This time, notice that He travels with the twelve apostles who are with Him all of the time.

Jesus ministry was financed by very wealthy women

We read of certain women, and again this is Luke’s account and Luke always brings in the female role. Luke mentions that certain women who have been healed by Him or had demons cast out of them also follow Him. Among these is Mary Magdalene. Then He mentions how Jesus ministry was financed. It was financed by several wealth women (Joanna and Susanna).


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