In the dust of the Rabbi- Day 70

Title: Parable #7: The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price

Scriptures to Read: Matthew 13:45-46


Elements of the parable

The elements of the parable are the man, the pearl of great value, and all that he had. The point made by the figure is that when the man found a pearl of great value, he sold all that he had, and bought it. And the pearl becomes his possession as a result of the purchase.

The reality

What are the realities represented by the elements of the parable? Again the man is Jesus the Messiah. And all that He had is His own life.

The Pearl

While the Old Testament reveals clearly that the treasure represents Israel, it doesn’t state anywhere what the pearl represents. And therefore we must determine the meaning in some other way. Knowing that both Jews and Gentiles become believers in this age and therefore the mystery kingdom contains both Jews and Gentiles, it is very likely that, just as the treasure in the previous parable represented the Jews, so the pearl in this parable represents the Gentiles. Furthermore, the pearl originates from the sea, and what the Bible does make clear is that the sea represents the Gentile world (Daniel 7:1-3; Revelation 17:1, 15; 13:1; and Isaiah 17:12-13).

The meaning of the parable

This parable points out that there will also be many Gentiles who come to faith in the Messiahship of Jesus.


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